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The Rules of the Game

Terry Amos was born in Florida and spent his early years moving from place to place with his family, led by his military father. He left Colorado Springs, Colorado shortly after graduating from high school and headed to the City of Angels to follow his dreams of owning his own business and becoming an actor. After working menial jobs and a stint in the military, he worked his way through college doing security and chauffeur work. Eventually he utilized his martial arts training to become a top bouncer in Hollywood and Los Angeles. Soon after, he created a protection agency, specializing in nightclub security.

In 1992, with his acting career blossoming, and he and his men protecting people and buildings all over LA during the worst riot in US history, he was on top of the world. It came crashing down a year later when he was falsely accused of rape and put in prison for 17 years. Now he helps ex-convicts transition back into the free world as well as prepares the clients of attorneys who are convicted and ready for sentencing on how to survive in the violent world of California prisons. He also teaches a unique and very effective style of martial arts privately to select students.

Terry has traveled the world since his release and is slowly getting back into acting and rebuilding his life as a free man.

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