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Bryant Arnold

Author of:
The Devil's Day Off,
The Adventures of Joe MacIntosh

Born on June 18, 1970 in a small town in Illinois, and moving to a small farm town in Iowa, Bryant dreamed of being a professional artist. Leaving Iowa for Las Vegas, Nevada, where he now resides, he built a fifteen-year career out of art. He has enjoyed his professional life as a graphic designer, artist, cartoonist, photographer and creative expert.

Although writing and art go hand-in-hand, and he had always written short stories and poetry, he never imagined a writing career. It wasn’t until he met his now best-friend David Williams, who had always dreamed of being a writer. To inspire his friend, Bryant began the daunting task of writing a novel himself.

Two years and a lot of sweat later, Bryant finished his book. But his first book is only the beginning. With an immense library he calls ‘The Morgue,’ he has filed years-worth of related and unrelated stories that he’s already begun working on.



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