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Author of:
A Traveler's Greece, A Traveler's Two Sicilies,
A Traveler's Highway to Heaven

Bill began his writing career in the U. S. Navy at the end of World War II after his bombing squadron was decommissioned. Serving as a correspondent with Naval Air Transport Service Squadron VR-4, his first by-line was on a feature story in the NATS Packet magazine in 1946. Fifty years later, one of his more recent bylines came on an article in Conservative Consensus, sharing the masthead list of contributors with Pat Buchanan and others.

Prior to pursuing doctoral studies at Colorado University, Bill worked for two years as a reporter for the Worcester (MA) Telegram, and later was a "stringer" for the Denver Post while attending Colorado University. Bill left the university to become editor of the former Gallup, NM, Times. From there he relocated to California to become a technical writer/editor for Aerojet ElectroSystems Company, Azusa, CA.

During twenty five years with Aerojet Bill authored many technical books and research reports and advanced to Manager of Technical Documentation and Training. In his spare time he wrote a novel, Something of a Woman, and a philosophical study, Footnotes to a Fairytale: A Study of the Nature of Expression in the Arts. The latter work was the combined fruit of his major academic studies and his research developing advanced learning systems for the Navy and Air Force while at Aerojet. Upon retirement, Bill moved his family to a small farm in Oregon where he raised cattle and made time to serve on the local school board and travel extensively in Europe and the Middle East.

Past studies in cultural history stemming from his interest in things artistic led Bill to undertake an in-depth visit to Southern Italy. He discovered there were no guides that delved more than superficially into the region. In frustration, he researched the Italian South, preparing extensive notes that became his guide to a memorable experience in do-it-yourself travel. On the Sicilian scene he fleshed out those notes into what became a travel guidebook published by Mills and Sanderson as Sicilian Walks. This led to similar researches in travel that were published by SynergEbooks as a travel adventure series, including an updated edition of his book on Sicily.



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