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Before Banana Patch, Banana Patch

Michael David was born in Rapid City, South Dakota on September 28, 1949, but was raised and grew up in a small wheat harvesting community in the Southeastern corner of the state of Washington actually called Walla Walla. And, like the character in his books, Michael really graduated from a high school simply know as “WA-HI”, where he served as Student Body President. In 1968, Michael David attended Walla Walla College, a private, denominational, rather ridged institution of higher learning.

Michael David went on to attend Washington State University (WSU) for 2 academically unproductive years, but he did learn something there: He learned how to use his mind to reason and joined the peace marches and protests against the war (actually, police action), in Vietnam and lobbied and protested for minority studies programs to be added to the WSU curriculum.

Michael dropped out of WSU in 1970, sold all his belongings and bought a one-way ticket to the island of Maui, with no intention of ever returning. After living in a place called Banana Patch, Michael found himself moving to Portland, Oregon, joining a rock’n’roll band and meeting Nanci, who would later become his wife and mother to their two children.

Michael attended Portland State University and there received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Philosophy. Michael and Nanci moved back to Walla Walla in 1978 and have lived there ever since. Michael David served on the Walla Walla City Council from 1981 through 1991, and held the office of Mayor in 1986-87.

Michael David has been the Executive Director of The Center at the Park, a private, non-profit agency, serving the needs of the elderly and has held that position since 1991. In 1997, Michael David became a Kriyaban, being initiated into Kriya Yoga through the Self-Realization Fellowship (which was established by Indian Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, in America in 1920).

Since 1968, Michael has also been a student of Baba Ram Dass, a.k.a. Dr. Richard Alpert. In the late ‘60's and early ‘70's, the author, like Ram Dass, explored the use of entheogens and cannabis sativa as a way of watching or expanding the awareness. Like Ram Dass, the author traded in entheogen empiricism for yoga meditation.

Michael David (a.k.a. Michael “Mike” Johnson) when he is not on the job serving others, keeps himself busy doing Karma Yoga, working at being a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend, writing books and songs and recording CD’s, practicing yoga-meditation, and hanging out with his friends in a local musical group called Feels Like Home. Check out their new website @

Above all else, Michael enjoys “hanging out” with his 4 grandchildren. He prefers the use of his first and middle name to his writing; hence, Michael David.



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