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A Mother's Son

J. E. 'Ed' de Sousa has been writing nonprofessionally since 1974, contributing various works of poetry and short stories through local publications and media.

Ed is a child of the 1950s, and his first published work, entitled "A Mother's Son" (available through SynergEbooks at, is an accounting of his memories of childhood and his mother's life and provides a glimpse into his history.

These days, when Ed isn't writing, he occupies his time as a computer analyst and techno-geek somewhere in Corporate America, making his home in the bristled, rugged Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio. There, he and his wife live a quiet life far from computers and machines, tending to a household of critters at their ranchland home.

Originally from New York City, Ed continues to travel, observing the human condition and commenting on it via the subtleties depicted in his writings. His stories typically relate to the "every man" found in day-to-day life and he describes his style as "non-threatening but thought-provoking."



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