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Priest: A Love Story
Fat Chance Goes Hollywood

Jack Michael Donovan grew up in Syracuse, NY, early in the last century, only child of mixed Irish/ German, Catholic ‘partiers.’ He warmly recalls family visits to an ‘Uncle,’ a jolly priest who loved fun. Jack and his young cousins delighted in playing ‘Mass’ in the chapel while the grownups drank and acted childish in the church kitchen.

As years went by, Jack lost touch with his church, becoming more attentive to marriage and the roles of parents to two bright children. He found success as an executive designer following graduation from Syracuse University. Thus encouraged he moved up in industry, but ultimately, family difficulties tied to his wife’s illness, led him into the unusual career of alcoholism family counselor. As a result, his marriage and business career ended abruptly and quietly.

Miraculously, hopes for a new family emerged to bolster a bright career opening as director of therapy at Oakleigh alcoholism treatment center in Durham, NC. Following years of therapeutic success that flew by in attempts to treat addiction, Jack retired with a new and healthy urge to renew his relations with the Church. He added to his writing skills, producing lectures and professional articles on addiction and its adverse effect on human relations in general.

Catholicism once more helped to guide his ambitions and way of life. It became the basic element in his inspirational novel, Priest, the story of Father Sal and Sister Grace, fictional characters forced to struggle with a burning love for their God, their Church, and each other.

Most recently, author Jack introduced a most intriguing, attorney character in a second, fictional novel: Fat Chance Goes Hollywood. (Partially based on unsettling legal experiences of Michael Peterson in the Durham courts of the late 1990’s.)

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