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The Secrets of Lakeview Manor

R.K. Eden has been writing for over 30 years. A published author, she began by doing celebrity features, (Barbra Streisand, James Stewart, James Cameron to name a few) conducting her own interviews and being published in magazines world-wide. She was also hired by Sony to write for Barbra Streisand’s official web page. Having seen her writing, she was invited to meet with Streisand in Manchester, UK, when she was thanked for her writing with such ‘integrity’.

Since moving into creative writing, she has enjoyed much success. Several short stories in the much-revered UK story publication ‘People’s Friend’ led to several short novels being published in the UK and abroad.

Situated in England with her family, she enjoys living in a rural setting and her pastimes include reading, dining with friends, walking her Bichon in the local woods or along the beach. She visits the British Pennines often for the inspiration that plays home to many of her novels.

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