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Ancient Canada
The Enchanted Harp

Clinton Festa began his writing career as a ‘Lunatic,’ writing for the campus humor magazine the Cornell Lunatic. Since his undergraduate days, he has also been a cartoonist, a circulation editor, and written numerous online humor articles. 

On the serious side, Clinton has authored many technical courses to promote aviation safety. As a pilot with thousands of flight hours, his seminars have earned him the FAA’s ‘Representative of the Year’ award in 2010 for the Greensboro, North Carolina district. 

Clinton began writing his first novel, Ancient Canada, while working as both a corporate pilot and the chief pilot for an air cargo company. He drew on various sources, from ancient literature to conversations with his wife. The novel best classifies as fantasy fiction, specifically an epic drama, with a revolving narrator much like Canterbury Tales. Clinton's second novel, The Enchanted Harp, is a work also inspired by his wife, a harpist, and the large instrument that resides in their living room. The Enchanted Harp is mystical and musical, but also marks a return to Clinton's comedic roots.



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