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The Terrath Trilogy

Dreaming of becoming a cartoonist, Alan J. Garner realized his early ambition drawing a cartoon strip about the ups and downs of a cheeky magpie published daily in a local newspaper. Hankering to write, at the urging of his wife he began putting down on paper his first novel. Originally a fan of old style science fiction, Alan quickly embraced fantasy. Opting to combine the best of both worlds, he blends magic with a pinch of machinery and a generous dollop of wit, in the process terming himself a science fantasy humorist. Alan has not completely forsaken his drawing roots and designs covers for his books. However, the pen remains mightier than the paintbrush and he prefers the medium of writing, penning further novels and some darker short stories, plus a fantastical children’s novel based loosely on his childhood.

Finding that writing rudely intrudes on his full-time work as a painter/decorator in Auckland, New Zealand, Alan shares what time he has spare with his significant other half, Michelle, and their many cats, proudly bringing a uniquely Kiwi flavour to his writing.



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