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Sax on the Streets:
Confessions of an American Street Musician in Europe

Since the footloose and bohemian busking days of his young adulthood, Daniel Gordon has followed a more conventional career path without ever forgetting his roots as a street musician. In his position as a member of the music faculty at Plattsburgh State University of New York, he gives a presentation on his busking experiences as the last class in several of his courses. He has served as music critic for newspapers in New Hampshire and Colorado, and other writings of his have appeared in The Boston Sunday Globe newspaper, Instrumentalist, Games, and Finland-USA magazines, as well as several music journals in France, Canada, and the United States. He has spoken about his busking experiences on WNYC-FM Public Radio and CCTV in Cambridge MA. Sax on the Streets is his first book.

Mr. Gordon lives with his wife and two daughters in Plattsburgh NY, where he teaches, writes, and makes music in various forms—and still busks occasionally.

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