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Heroic Quest: An Optimist's Guide to Life


Phil was born in South Wales in the U.K., where he currently lives with his wife and daughter.

Graduating as a geologist, he initially worked on oil rigs in the USA and Dutch North Sea, but for the past 20 years he has had a successful career in the highly competitive world of pharmaceutical sales, working with health care professionals and government officials.

He has a talent for ‘gisting’, which is the ability to take complex ideas explain them quickly and simply. His humorous, conversational approach makes it feel as though Phil is speaking to you directly, giving his writing a unique and accessible style.

He has travelled extensively, picking up gems of wisdom along the way and he says he will pretty much try anything once. This has resulted in many wild adventures including being the target for a circus knife thrower in Cairo!

Heroic Quest is a collection of tools, tips, facts and quotes which form an amusing and easy to use guide to achieving lasting happiness and success.



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