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Author of:
Children of Now and Beyond:
A New Generation


Effie is a healer, teacher, speaker, writer and spiritual seeker. In 2007, she transitioned out of an elementary teaching career that spanned over 15 years and followed her calling of becoming a Registered Psychotherapist and Energy Healer. She is the founder of The Art of Conscious Living. The premise behind her business is to help and guide people to become more conscious of themselves and the choices in their life, so they are coming from a place of empowerment. 

Effie has always enjoyed writing, whether it is non-fiction, articles on health & well-being, fictional short stories, novels and poetry for children and adults alike. Her first digital E-cookbook, "21 Best Recipes from a Master Chef" pays tribute to her ancestors for influencing her cooking style and tastes, making her a master of her own healthy living. 

A series of synchronistic events, research, reflections, observations, obstacles and aha moments - awakened Effie from a deep sleep and she was conscious that a great transformation was already taking place within her and was being mirrored in her external environment. As a result, helping her to understand and write about a new breed of children, like no others in history that is described in her book, "Children of Now and Beyond: A New Generation." Effie continues to explore different genres of writing and is presently working on a fictional novel. Her love of reading, the imagination, having an interest in the human condition and being a seeker of truth makes her more aware of her role as a Lightworker, writer and healer who brings forth love, light and consciousness onto the planet.


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