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The Cat Came Back


Dave Hinrichs received a bachelor’s degree in English from Kutztown University. His short fiction has appeared in magazines, including Writer’s Notes, Essence and Mystery Forum. He has earned a living over the years in many different ways, including chopping the legs off chickens at a poultry plant, putting springs on sofa frames, monitoring the acid vats at an anodizing plant, reading gas meters, motorcycle maintenance for a Yamaha dealer, selling burial plots, technical writing for a refrigeration company, managing a college book store, front desk clerking at a motel and managing an animal shelter. He is currently employed as a counselor at a two-year postsecondary school. He resides in Shillington, Pennsylvania and is working on a fourth novel about a bank manager, a lawyer, a professional thief and a convicted sex offender who team up to commit a bank robbery, but he longs for those carefree, happier times back at the poultry plant.


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