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Author of:
Milford Spitz and the Very Fast Machine
Crimson Pursuit Series


Brought up on Thriller, Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, James has kept all his dark friends chained up inside his imagination only to let them out little by little in his novels and short stories. For 38 years, he enjoyed a productive career as a music educator. Retirement gave way to a new creative outlet-writing. SynergEbooks is the publisher of his Crimson Pursuit vampire series. Both his supernatural post-apocalyptic thriller, HECKEL CASEY, and the sci-fi/technothriller, TATS, are self-published and available from Amazon. Hoch's short stories have appeared in Horror Zine, SNM Horror magazine, Pill Hill Press, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Sanitarium, SNM Books of Blood V, Dark Eclipse, and Dark Oak Press (LUNA'S CHILDREN: Full Moon Mayhem-the ultimate werewolf anthology.) Y

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