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When Just Say No Doesn't Work

Joe Keil is a 20-year veteran of law enforcement. Keil was a K-9 handler until the unexpected loss of his partner in August of 2004. He and his K-9 partner Gus had made thousands of drug arrests resulting in the seizure of over $750,000 dollars in cash, controlled substances and vehicle seizures from various cases. In 2005, Joe was granted a second K-9 unit, K-9 Kilo, to continue his work.

Joe has received extensive training through the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program Sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration certifying him as a Drug Recognition Expert.

In September and October of 1996, he attended training in Minneapolis and was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor. Along with other officers, he represented Wisconsin at several National Conferences in Colorado, Oregon, California, New York, Texas, Maryland, Florida, Arizona and Nevada on the physiological effects drugs induce on the body.

Mr. Keil has trained thousands law enforcement officers across the United States. Keil currently instructs various drug courses for the Multi-jurisdictional Counter drug Task Force for St. Petersburg College, instructing agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Border Patrol, Chicago and New York PD along with officers from throughout the country. He has flown on missions with the United States Border Patrol, Tucson sector, attempting to locate illegal aliens and drug smugglers.

Throughout the course of his career, Joe has attended numerous specialized schools and seminars in the area of narcotics enforcement; drug impaired and intoxicated drivers, drug interdiction, advanced interdiction, commercial motor vehicle interdiction, basic narcotics investigation, DEA pipeline and numerous other courses. Joe currently holds certification as an Instructor in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Drug Recognition Expert, Drug Interdiction, Vehicle Contacts, Cultural Diversity and Ethics, The Complete Traffic Stop and Drug Impairment Training for Education Professionals.



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