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Off the Grid: Living Blind Without the Internet

Robert Kingett is a journalist who identifies himself as a “blind gay weirdo who is a bibliophile”. Robert has always been a writer. Ever since he was young, he would pen stories to build characters and guide readers through scenic journeys.

Growing up in Saint Augustine FL, where he attended the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, his passions became a few core subjects. Reading, writing, video games, and technology, all of which he loves today.

Robert would often write book reviews and pass them around to other students before having the idea to start a newspaper at the Blind High School, even recruiting visually impaired photographers.

After graduation in 2010, he soon became a journalist that is respected for his long form pieces about a wide array of subjects including, but not limited to, disability, LGBT, adaptive technology, travel, science and technology, politics, human interest stories, and humor/satire Kingett has also been a strong advocate for multiple communities and causes, including such campaigns as The Accessible Netflix Project.

Kingett is also a keynote speaker who has a wide array of keynotes addressing many topics. One topic, for example, is his keynote on accessible video game design. 

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