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Author of:
Another Man's Castaway, Sugar Cookie Moon
Norahs: The Alien's Caretaker, Sunset Investigation Series
Adios Desperada, Saturday Night Cowboy,
Evil in the Stone
Maxcine & Isabel Series, She Who Flies With Doves
The Woman Nobody Wanted, Stop, Don't Touch This House!
For the Love of Ruby, Unexpectedly a Dad, My Robot Brain

Raising children and a variety of critters on a mini-farm wasn't enough: one day Sharon Kull hauled her grandfather's antique typewriter out of the closet and began her first novel. Several articles were also published in the local newspaper. Years later, the typewriter has been replaced by a computer, her children are grown, and the animals gone except for a Chihuahua. Still living on the farm with her husband, Sharon is forever on the lookout for literary fodder – a fact that sometimes makes family and friends nervous.


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