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The Devil's Tale: The True Story of the Jersey Devil
Where Lilies Bloom

Normally one would expect a brief biography of the author on the back cover of his or her book, but in this case I can offer the reader very little information about Eric Leeds. As an editor of a mid sized publishing house, I wouldn’t be expected to know all of our authors well, but I can honestly say that I’ve met and spoken with most of the writers we’ve published. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a few of our authors better than others of course, and in those cases where friendships have developed, I’ve gotten to know those writers quite well.

But this is not the case with the author of The Devil’s Tale. Mr. Leeds remains as much of a mystery to me today as on the day we met. Eric appeared in my office late one evening a few years ago. We spoke briefly. He left his manuscript. I didn’t get around to reading his work until some time later. When I finally got the chance to pick it up, I heard from Eric again. He called me on my private line, just as was turning the last page. I must say, the timing of his call was quite unnerving. I only met him one more time after that. All I can say about Eric Leeds is that he is a very interesting man.

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