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Betcha Didn't Know, It's Not the End of the World
Lost Your "Best Friend", Say "NO" to Mid-Life Crisis 
The Friend Quest, What's Stopping You?

Author of over 100 books (and still writing), Cynthia MacGregor also does freelance writing for clients, who task her with anything from writing ad copy to ghostwriting books; and she edits books, webpages and other business materials, and other documents. She has written 11 one-act plays, all but one of which have had at least one production, and one of them, a play for family audiences, had a run in New York. She hosts two weekly internet radio shows (podcasts), Younger Every Day (1 – 1:30 PM Eastern Tuesdays, ) and In the Spotlight (2 – 3 PM Eastern Tuesdays, and previously hosted two TV shows that aired in the South Florida viewing area. Supremely happy, she says, "There is no one in the world I'd want to trade lives with.

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