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Author of:
The Restless Series
Exile, The Torment Series

Will Molinar is founder and CEO of Ultimate Will Productions, an independent film company. More information can be found at

From 1992 to 2000, Will served as a combat engineer in the United States Army Reserve and also as a combat medic in Indiana. During this time, Will became a competitive body builder and this discipline has translated into his current writing career, enabling him to succeed in the highly difficult regimen of day to day novel writing. It is a grind but Will enjoys every second of it.

In 1999, Will graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in English and over the last five years has authored seven novels, four of which have been published with more on the way. His novel Shadows in the Dust has been described as “a testosterone filled splatter fest” with “terrific action” and “epic dark fantasy… while still managing a sense of individualized grittiness and turmoil.” The sequels to this highly anticipated series are Ashes in the Grave and Echoes in the Night.

Since 1999, Will has lived in Los Angeles to pursue his desire to write novels and work in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter, actor and film producer. He teaches Pilates to stay in shape and make ends meet for the time being.

The Torment Trilogy gave Will a chance to indulge in his deeply macabre love of dark gothic sensibilities and stories that both scare and invigorate. Blasphemous is the first title in the trilogy and has been described as “a harrowing tale of madness” and “deliciously wicked” by readers. Also look for the sequels – Descendent, Book II and Abyssal, Book III.

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