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Author of:
The Caterpillar That Wouldn't Change
The Pizza Man & the Parrots, Papa in the Sky,
Massimo's MeatballsThe REALLY Jealous Jimmy Crab,
Unidentical Twins, I am a Dot, The Pink Lizard, Irregular Joe

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Nancy grew up one of three children. She is also an identical twin. Raised Italian-American, Nancy has a strong sense of family, an affinity for its customs and a love for pizza and a good bagel. Brooklyn is the basis for her inspiration and where she still calls home.

Before writing memorable stories for children, Nancy earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Hunter College in NYC. She was employed at Citicorp, in various Human Resources Functions from 1984-1998. After exploring a career in the corporate sector, residing in NYC, traveling and sometimes skiing through Europe and out West, Nancy returned to Brooklyn and started a family.

Nancy has authored nine stories to date. The Caterpillar that Wouldn’t Change is her first published story. Nancy didn’t grow up longing to be a writer. In fact the urge, as strong as it is, is relatively recent. After her father’s passing, it was the birth of her daughter that compelled Nancy to write her first story Papa in the Sky, a story about a young girl wanting to know more about her late grandfather.

Nancy channels her motivational messages through her writing to help children as well as some adults address common issues. Some of these issues include questions about death/heaven, dealing with change, accepting differences in others, feeling similar, stealing, appreciating your twin, and making meatballs!

Nancy is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). When she isn’t writing, Nancy enjoys music, reading biographies, recreational running, skiing, weight training, classic art, and time with her children. An avid cook and cooking student, Nancy has also been featured on the Food Network.

To date, Ms. Mure´ remains a permanent fixture in Brooklyn with her two children. 

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