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Return to Sirius

L. Joseph draws on his multi-faceted, diverse background and experience to write, teach, and share his knowledge and wisdom on a variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics. His focus has been on accessing and balancing the logical and creative aspects of the mind. He shares his experience and knowledge in workshops, lectures, and through his written works of fiction and non-fiction.

Joseph has written numerous inspirational articles on a variety of metaphysical topics. He authored, “The Soul as Healer” (Llewellyn Publishing, 2000), which focuses on the power and utilization of affirmation and visualization for self-healing. The power of thought and emotion upon our health is discussed at length. It has also been published internationally and translated to Dutch and Russian, and includes information on Chiron Healing® in which he studied both in the US and in Australia under Dr. Trevor Creed. The first edition has sold over 7500 copies.

His background as a life-long musician has facilitated his creative side, opening the door for the novel Return to Sirius, which is written both as a novel and a screenplay. Joseph’s writing experience, which also draws on his extensive experience as an engineer and project manager, includes various contractual documents, engineering papers, large statements of work for multi-million dollar construction contracts, instructional specifications and training classes of a wide variety. He authored a 100-page dissertation to the US Fish and Wildlife in the National Refuge near Crestone, documenting the many violations made by them and the intended gas exploration company there. That document entered into Federal Court and factored in the issuance of a preliminary injunction of gas exploration in southern Colorado by a foreign drilling company.

Musically, Joseph has written a variety of tunes (jazz/rock/latin), while assisting in the production of dozens of modern pop songs. He has played drums since the age of five.

His life long study of metaphysics and the teachings of the Eastern philosophies have provided the backdrop for his recent work, Return to Sirius. This background aligns very well with his passion to share his life’s experience and express his creative energies in the development of this intriguing fictional story.

He holds a B.S. in Physics and earned his Master’s degree in Project Management from George Washington University in 2000. He lives in the foothills of the Sangre De Christo mountain range in south-central Colorado – a perfect writer’s environment.


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