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Love Happens


As a lifelong writer with a fascination for fantasy and magic, Vince Nolan has gone from creating his own fan fiction ("Bewitched" Meets "I Dream of Jeannie") to self-publishing his first fantasy novel (The Rainbow in the Room) to his latest lighthearted, supernatural romantic comedy available through SynergeBooks: Love Happens.

Vince uses a light, fun and casual style of writing to create his gallery of charming magical characters who not only entertain, but speak to some of life's concerns, including surviving - and succeeding - in a world where magic can, hopefully, be embraced and accepted.

After appearing as a guest on Artist First Radio Network recently, Vince Nolan was invited to host his own monthly radio show, "Vince Nolan's Retro Review," a fun light take on all things retro, from movies and TV shows to books, games and plays. Vince's show can be heard at 6pm (EST) the second Wednesday of each month at

In between working on additions to his magical cast of characters, Vince enjoys working on his new radio show, reading classic authors, such as Thorne Smith and Ian Fleming, learning from the masters in their genres, and hoping to achieve his own success with his unique style and voice. He firmly believes that every day presents new opportunities, challenges, and surprises - and he looks forward to every one of them.

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