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Heart of the Sea

Phil Smith is Professor of Philosophy at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. As a philosopher he works mostly in ethical theory; he is the author of The Virtue of Civility in the Practice of Politics (University Press of America, 2002), Being at Home in the World (with Mark McLeod-Harrison, Wipf and Stock, 2011), Why Faith is a Virtue (Wipf and Stock, Cascade Books, 2014) and many articles and conference papers. Some of his philosophical work, and a draft version of a science fiction novel, Castles, are available on his blog. His novels reflect, to a degree, his work in virtue theory, but mostly he hopes they are good stories.

Besides teaching and writing, Phil enjoys baseball (a long-suffering Seattle Mariners fan), playing softball, and running in the Hood to Coast Relay every August. He lives a mile from campus, which allows him to walk to work most days.

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