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A Cold North WindIn the Fatherland

Brenda Roberts, bre to her friends, lives in Texas with her husband, Cliff T. Roberts.

Bre is featured in many anthologies of poetry and has compiled, edited and produced one anthology of short stories and poetry for children as a fund raiser for Texoma Poetry Society, where she served for four years as secretary of the board and served as President in 1998 - 1999. She was co-founder and 2nd president of Fort Worth Haiku Society and co-author of Mimosa Blooms chap book of Japanese poetry forms. Her haiku has been published in the Go-Shiki-Go column in a newspaper in Tokyo Japan.

Bre wrote for Earth Song online Magazine, SpiritSpotDFW online magazine and for Fort Worth Poetry Review. Today she is working on a second book in the A Cold North Wind worlds and putting together a collection of her poetry for future publication.

Bre's love for writing includes fantasy, romance, alternative lifestyles, poetry, essays, and roleplaying games scenarios. She co-produced the UWL (United Wrestling League) website and wrote matches as well as ran the daughter of Thor (her own creation) Kirsten Thorsdotter as a world championship belt holder.


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