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The Day I Woke Up as an Ostrich

Kristi Sayles is an elementary teacher/author/software creator/writing coach in a small town in Tennessee. She is married and has three grown children and three grandchildren. She has been a teacher consultant for the West Tennessee Writing Project for many years.

Kristi's successes in getting published have mainly been in the business success genre. She has had several articles published by national business magazines and ezines including Home Business Connection, Home Business Journal, Cutting Edge Opportunities, Inet Exec, Executive Update and others. "I like getting to know people who have rags to riches stories," Kristi says. "It's inspiring!"

"Although I still get excited every time I see my work in print, my most exciting event as an author came when I was selected to be a featured author for Scribe's World – my favorite writing site on the net. It was great to see MY interview posted there!"

Kristi has produced 25 writing software programs and plans to add more soon to her catalog site at

Kristi's newest successful venture has been her Talk with Experts Teleseminars – an online radio show.

"I interview internet marketing experts," she says. "I've grilled the best in the business –and I'm in the process of writing a book about the amazing wealth of knowledge I've gained from them." 

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