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Author of:
52 Children's Moments: A Treasure for Every Week of the Year

Illustrator of:
Jesus is Born

Elaine Ernst Schneider has been writing since high school and has published articles, songs, and children's work. A music and literature teacher by training, Elaine's interests have always spanned both fields. Elaine was selected to sing title songs for two movies by Gospel Films of Muskegon, Michigan. She also acted in "Tough Men," a Gospel Films 1980 release, re-released on videocassette in 1990. Presently, Elaine is an author for Group Publishing, Inc. and the managing editor of Lesson Tutor, a curriculum lesson plan site found at Elaine writes the City Songs column for The New Colonist e-zine.

Schneider’s whimsical pieces have the classic beauty and style of antiques. Her works on canvas include landscapes and floral bouquets picked from the mountains or countryside. She also paints on old wood, combining history with art, and sometimes incorporates antique jewelry, tools, or hats into her various creations. Eloise has been featured in Lee Magazine and Sunshine Artist as well as in newspapers and on television. An educator herself, Eloise was one of the illustrators for the I Can Say That book, winner of the Early Language Literacy Award. Eloise Elaine's work can be seen at


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