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Author of:
The Blue Mosaic Vase, Amelia (Co-author)
Lucky Dog, Jenny's Homecoming

Christie Shary is married and the mother of two grown sons. She currently lives in Dana Point, California, although she lived over four years in Mexico City and another four in London and Amsterdam. She is an avid world traveler and has visited more than sixty countries, and often sets her writing in these foreign lands. She has had four novels published. The Blue Mosaic Vase is a Fresh Voices and EPPIE Award winner, and Amelia, which she co-authored, is an EPPIE Award Finalist. Her newest book, Lucky Dog—The True Story of a Little Mexico City Street Dog Who Goes International, is already a Fresh Voices Award winner. She is a former English teacher, as well as a professional writer, and has worked as such at several large Orange County, California companies. Her other passions include reading, camping, skiing, gardening and nature.

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