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Aurelia's Fountain


LH Smithson has studied Philosophy and programming languages. He is an ex-Soto Zen monk, Nidon in Shorinji Kempo, and a scenic paint & plasterer for film. He has logged, traveled, and parented, and now spends most of his time on his Ducati or 71 VW bug between Vancouver, Canada and San Francisco, California.

Previously published: “Bottled Up” 2015 webzine Bewildering Stories,”The Compass” 2015 webzine Aphelion, “Spinoffs and Spin Backs” and “Zen-Moiré” 2013 on, “Saving Souls” 2011, Schlock! Horror Webzine UK; “Mail from Hub” 2008, CrossTime Science Fiction Anthology #7; “Ghost Skin” 2005, Nocturnal Ooze Magazine (online horror); “Invasion of Nod” 2004, Dream Quarterly International (magazine/ fantasy); “Skidder Trails” 2003, Elephant Printing (magazine/literary/art).


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