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Author of:
A Lover's Anthem
Till I Come Marching Home


World War II veteran, retired deputy sheriff and father of four, Elsan Stafford had been a writer, poet and novelist for over sixty years, with a number of poems, short stories and journalistic pieces published in both regional and national publications during his long but humble literary career.

Besides having seen his major tome The Blue Marionette previously published in print, Elsan penned two other novels, an extensive short story, as well as a complete manuscript of romantic poetry (three of which are published and available on this website). The authors who helped inspire him are Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Wolfe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Victor Hugo, Laurence Hope and George Byron, to name a few. For it is the romantic and slice-of-life genre through which he enjoys writing; he believes that a central theme and moral conclusion are essential to a poem or story’s success. For passion, excitement, spiritual insight and to feel great about life and noble people, the writings of Elsan H. Stafford are a must-read!

*Elsan Stafford passed on in January of 2007. He will be much missed.


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