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The Fabulosa Friends


HJ Taylor has written most of his life and is a published author of fiction and non-fiction. With four recent published short stories to his credit, including "My Sister, The Shepard, The Black-Eyed Girl, and most recently, "Caging Melissa. “The Fabulosa Friends” is his first novel to be published by SynergEbooks. “Zombie Encounters; Accounts from Z World War, HGH, Use from a Physician’s Perspective, and 35 Health Hazards, A Doctor’s Guide to First Aid tips when traveling” are previous published works. He also is an avid artist and collector of paintings.

HJ has created and owned several businesses over the past decade, including his own clinical practice and volunteering as a faculty member for medical schools, before stepping down to write while caring for his three daughters. He loves to read, play and watch sports, and travel. He is a fitness advocate and has worked out most of his adult life. He enjoys the beach, animals, and horticulture of many types.

He currently resides in Florida on the gulf coast with his wife and three daughters, where he teaches high school physics and chemistry.


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