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The Guardians Series

Stacy Thowe was born in Shawnee, Kansas. She began her love for writing at an early age, using her stories as a type of escape from everyday life. The limitless borders of the writing world drew her in as the boundaries were only limited by her imagination.

Stacy went on to receive her BA in English with an emphasis in creative writing from Washburn University. Some of her more recent notable pieces include:

This is Your Captain Speaking, Mild Turbulence Ahead, published in the online literary magazine Airplane Reading. 

The Gift published in The Greensilk Journal an online literary magazine, winter-2014.  “Black Marble, Blue Dress, published in the November 2013 issue of Skive Magazine.

I Heard You Cry Again, a poem published in Torrid Literary Journal, Vol VI.”  “Albert’s Great Adventure,” published by Beyond Imagination Magazine, April 2014. 

It May Not Be Writing as You Expect It, a guest blog for The Head and Hand Press, published on October 16, 2013. 

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