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Numerology: Making It Work For You
Philosophy of the Tarot for the 21st Century
Stop Smoking: Diary of a Quitter
LOL Poems To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Shane grew up in the East End of London at a time where poverty and lack of opportunity was common. At the age of 5 Shane played a boisterous game on the street with a neighbour. The game seemed to involve a lot of swearing and Shane’s mother caught him. She said to him, ‘There are more words you can use in the English dictionary than having to resort to swearing’.

The moment was profoundly embarrassing and his mother’s words planted a seed that developed into a love for words. Shane began to learn a new word each day from the dictionary and eventually blossomed into love of books and writing.

In addition to writing books, he also composes music; ‘The Magic Symphony’, ‘Planet Suite 3rd Millennium’ and four musicals including ‘The House of Frankenstein’ and ‘Jack The Ripper’.

With eclectic talent there can be no allowances for being place into a particular category or genre. However, Shane has a particular liking for the esoteric, classical music and anything with a sense of humour; he authored, composed and starred in the You Tube classic entitled ‘Walking Grandad Style’.

Shane is married to his wife, Sharon, who has had to share him with his writing and composing. He has four children and seven grandchildren.

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