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Recycled Hero, Star Gardens

Robert Wayman held a series of day jobs in the computer applications field for over 40 years before succumbing to the Sci-Fi Writers Affliction. During that time, he wrote and presented a variety of professional papers as well as teaching and writing source material for college-level courses on computing systems design and development. For the first 17 years of this techno-serfdom, Wayman worked for several major State Universities, designing and supporting their record-keeping systems. He was considered to be both a technical and subject matter expert in his field.

At that point, he migrated to the rural Northeast where he now resides with his RN/Artist wife and assorted animals in the suburbs of Woolwich in Maine. There he worked for over 20 years as a Senior Systems Analyst at one of the few remaining U.S. Shipbuilders before retiring early in 2009.

Thus, it has been noted by many of his associates, that after being committed to several state institutions for over a decade and a half, Robert Wayman became an unemployed Maine-iac.


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