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Mercer's Manor

Bobby R. Woodall was born in Oklahoma City in 1944. He spent his childhood moving from state to state as his father followed the oil fields. This constant moving played havoc with his education. He was in four different grade schools in one year. His father never got past the fourth grade and his mother never got past the eighth, but they instilled in him a quest for knowledge. He was the first of over fifty cousins to graduate from high school.

When he was thirty, he had a horrible car accident. He lay in a coma for 47 days and was finally released.

After coming home, he spent time in speech therapy and learned to walk with a cane. Finally, he was able to walk on his own. It was at this time, he was given an early type of computer by the state of Indiana to rehabilitate him. There was a psychologist in Indianapolis that had developed a program to help brain damaged people to cope with life. While tackling these tasks, he started writing. Having been an avid reader, mostly westerns by Louis L’Amour and J. R. Roberts, he would spend countless hours perusing a myriad of books. “Why I can write as good as them guys,” he thought. So he started writing western novels.

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