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D.B. Woodling

Author of:
Shannon's Land, SLICES, The Turning of Nick Torok
The Mike Malone Detective Series

D.B. Woodling

D.B. Woodling admits a penchant for mystery thrillers, but refuses to limit her writing to one particular niche. Other genres of interest include historical fiction, young adult fiction, and paranormal fiction.

“I specifically enjoy the research involved, particularly when writing historical fiction (Shannon’s Land and the upcoming Shannon’s Revenge), though detective thrillers (The Mike Malone Detective Series: Write Off and Final Claim) require a great deal of investigation, a very precise skill set. Young adult fiction (Slices and The Turning of Nick Torok) demands convincing recall of an earlier point in one’s life, an ability to reconnect with youth,” Woodling said. When asked what inspires her, the author replied, “I'd have to say when my novels motivate fans to read — particularly those who seldom do — that’s the ultimate payoff.”

The author donates a large portion of all royalties to Annie's Gift, a cause benefiting No-Kill Animal Shelters and select veterinarian clinics throughout the United States.

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