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American Lyricon: A Poet Sings of America
Notes From the War-Torn

Joel L. Young is a former graduate of Florida Community College in Jacksonville, Florida. He's an multi award-winning poet with an eclectic taste in sports, politics, history, cosmic events and music.

Young's first book, American Lyricon: A Poet Sings of America has won several awards since it was published in September of 2000. He released his acclaimed With Pen In Hand series at Synergebooks in 2001. His books, poetry and the award winning anthology Open Mic Jacksonville, which he and other first coast poets are featured, is on Young's poetry can be found throughout the internet in such online journals as Slow Trains, Poetic Voices, Wilmington Blues and others.

Mr. Young is a musician and drummer with his local church. He is a member of North Florida Writers and the Florida Writers Association, and a frequent columnist to the Florida Times Union's Community Columnist Program at (


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