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A Fun Spiritual Look at 101 Random Topics

by Sierra Roberts



This fun spiritual book will inform, entertain and inspire you all at once. There are 101 subjects, one per page, with subjects as diverse as aliens, soulmates, shopping malls and telepathy. You'll learn something, you'll smile, and your day will be brighter for having read this little book.



From 101 Soul Bytes...

   You stand on the threshold of the boundary between the spirit world and Earth. Your parents did the deed a few months ago and there is a fetus growing in your mother's womb, awaiting a soul to join it. That soul is you! Yes, that peanut-shaped bit of flesh is your next Earth body.
   You hesitate for a fraction of a second, but by now it is too late to cancel your contract. All the other players – your soul group friends – are already on Earth, or about to leave themselves. You have got to go through with it. So, deep breath, last farewells, and off you go down the chute...  
   “'Waaah!” Yes, it's not nice on Earth. Not nice at all. Cold hands are poking and prodding you, loud noises assault your tiny ears, and no one is paying the slightest bit of attention as you express your immense displeasure at being back on this planet again.
   Then something wonderful occurs: you are placed into your mother's arms. It is warm and safe there. You snuggle in. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. “I'll stay, and see what happens...”

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