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by Trish Iavarone

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31 AFFAIRS began as a sexual Ping-Pong session between a recently married couple who were often away from each other for days at a time. It was created out of the need for the two of them to be creative in finding stimulating ways to keep their passion alive in this fast-paced world. 
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From 31 Affairs...

You surprise me with a very special spa day. I think I am getting my routine pedicure for the first part of the day and you ran HUGE interference instead. It’s difficult to surprise me, but somehow you’ve figured out how I tick and found a way to interrupt my carefully kept schedule.

You have insisted on taking me, to which I am surprised... I was thinking I was all on my own but instead you damn near chauffeured me, which immediately threw me off balance. And at the same time you are dressed in this outfit that drives me insane in my own mind (I’ve always wanted to freely stare at a man in uniform and you came up with a version of a pilot… on purpose.) You know the contours of your body, the form to which they fit best and the way to work it that just makes me stare like I’m dying to know who you are, even though you’re no stranger to me.

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