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A Treasure for Every Week of the Year
by Elaine Schneider


Devotions on children's Bible themes, rainy day projects, camp and Children's Church sermons, or Sunday School lessons. 52 selections with a memory gift for each. Choose by season, holiday, topic, or scripture.
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From 52 Children's Moments...

   The Bible says that Jesus laid down his life for his friends.
   You might wonder who Jesus’ friends were. Who was he talking about when he promised to lay down his life for his friends? John 15:14 tells us. It’s as if Jesus stood up, looked around him, and said, “You are my friends.”
   Jesus gave his life for his friends that lived a long time ago, and he also gave his life for the friends that live on earth today. That’s you and me!
   Jesus did just what he said. He laid down his life for us. Wow! What a friend. Let’s remember that while earthly friends are important and they are often blessings to our lives, Jesus will always be the best friend anyone could possibly have. He is always ready to listen. And he will always love us, no matter what we say or do.

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