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88 Keys
by Jerry W. Lennon


A young Indian Prince has an extraordinary gift: he can see colors when he plays his piano.  When his step-father plans to exploit his abilities to spread a revolt to free India from British rule, 88 Keys must leave India or go up in flames.

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From 88 Keys...

“Oh my lord, why have you played dead for so long?” Why now do you come? Is it because of 88 Keys?” She saw confusion form on the jungle Raja’s face. She smiled as she wrapped the fine Muslim sheets around her. “Your son, Rampa, I mean.” Vangii smiled as if that was all she had to say. Nothing had changed on the man, who looked half his age. “Why do you call our son 88 Keys? Does he unlock many secrets?” “No. No, Singhway, it is his name because of the way he has taken to the western music box – the piano, it’s called. It has keys you strike with your fingers.” She moved her hand and fingers to mimic how one would play the keyboard. “Your son is very skilled in playing it. He uses all the keys, so he music teacher called him 88 Keys and all who know of his skill know him as 88 Keys.”

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