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Wise Practical Ideas to Improve Your Life

by Sierra Hockley



The A to Z of Practical Wisdom is a unique blend of life coaching and spirituality. It offers inspiration and insight and is packed with practical techniques on how you can improve your life.

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From The A to Z of Practical Wisdom...

Why is this Happening to Me?

   Have you noticed that you only question fate when it is something you don’t want to happen? When your car is dented or your house burgled, the first thought is: ‘Why me? It’s not fair’. Yet if you win the lottery, you think: ‘Fantastic! I deserve this good luck’.
   Acceptance is recognizing that our growth comes from surviving the tough times and remaining humble when our boat comes in. It is a sign of emotional maturity when you can practice acceptance no matter what is happening in your life.
   Every day you are given a blank canvas, a brand new day full of endless possibilities. Even if you have issues from the day before, they will not be exactly the same today. You have the choice to shape your attitude, to turn resentment or self-pity into acceptance.

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