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by Shari S. Cain


One child dead. One child missing. And Detective Andy Baker happened to pick Reggie Whitney to help with the case, not knowing her special talents were just what was needed to solve the case and bring Carrie Raines safely home.

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From I Spy...With My Third Eye

  “Where are you, sweetie? We have to get out of here before the bad people come back.”
   Reggie heard another sniff. Then a pause.    “I’m scared.” A soft, quavering voice carried to her out of the darkness.
   “I know you are, sweetie. I’m going to turn on the light and come get you.”
   “Hurry.” A male voice from behind urged her on. So he could talk, she thought.
   When she clicked on her light, it revealed the face of a small, golden-haired little girl. Her face was dirty and tear-stained, her T-shirt was ripped. She was slowly coming toward Reggie, stumbling a little on some of the uneven boards and bare ground.
   “Are you hurt?”
   She shook her head.
   “Try and hurry then. We’ve got to get out of here before they find out you’re gone.”
   She nodded. Then, as she caught a glimpse of the figure behind Reggie, she hesitated. “Don’t be scared. He showed me where you were. He’s helping.”

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