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A Tale About Punctuation and Purpose

by Jeanne Glassman Clair & Nancy S. Mure

~ Available in Paperback ~

Imagine a dot so bored with its existence that it decides to take a journey. In I AM A DOT, Dot encounters a line, a hook, a semi-circular line and other dots.  With each new relationship, Dot learns more about how it feels and what it wants through a selective process, which leads to self-discovery.

From I am a Dot...

   “Dot, dot, dot, YAWN! How boring to be an afterthought,” Dot said to no one in particular.
   So, it began a journey.
   Dot rolled and soon met an unknown character, a vertical line. “I am Dot. May I ask, who are you?”
   “I am Vertical Line,” answered the straight, thin figure. “What do you do?”
   Dot sighed and wobbled. “I am looking for my purpose.”
   Vertical Line boasted, “I have a purpose. I have been part of many letters and numbers but I want to make a stronger statement now. I can’t do it alone.”

Author Bio - Nancy Mure
Author Bio - Jeanne Glassman Clair

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