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Torment - Book 3
by Will Molinar

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From Abyssal...

   Jaqueline stepped over the pile of putrescence and giggled at their plight. She shooed them away and continued on, knocking one of them back with a swift kick. They shied away from her and cried out in pain, moaning and scratching at their bodies, clawing through their new flesh, cutting into their own faces and backs.
   Inside the main foyer the castle inhabitants turned demon spawn were a teeming mass of undisciplined souls, screaming and bellowing in freakish pain. She knew it spread to the town outside as well and the people there would suffer, too. In time, once Asmodai entered, it would engulf the entire world.
   She could hear him whisper to her, hear his promises to make her queen of the damned, powerful enough to fight off anyone that might dare assail her home. That was her desire, her only reason for being.

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