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by Jeff Fuell



True love and friendship has no boundaries – even across time.

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From Across Time...

   “Oh, my God! What is that?” she said.
   “I can’t tell,” Christopher said, wiping the hair from his eyes. “It looks like its growing.”
   Susan squinted at it and decided that he was right; it did appear to be growing. It may have been her imagination, but it also seemed like it was moving towards them. She suddenly felt very cold and wanted more than anything to get inside the house.
   “Christopher, let’s go inside!”
   “Wait a minute,” he said softly, “we don’t know what it is. What if it’s a… I don’t know. Let’s go check it out!”
   Susan looked at him as though he had just told her that he had found nude pictures of her on the internet.
   “Are you out of your mind? It’s pouring! We can look at it from inside the house!”
   “That won’t be as good,” he said smiling. “Come on, let’s go look at it,” he said as he slowly began to walk towards it, Susan slowly, reluctantly, trailing him.

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