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by Sharon Kull


Except for her sidekick sister, no one with the wagon train suspects that the widow Ashley Smith is also the lady outlaw, Desperada.

From Audios Desperada...

   ALONG ABOUT THE time Ashley had decided her idea of becoming an outlaw was dumb, Arabel heaved a bored sigh and said something that could not be ignored.
   "Imagine the two of us going clear out to the territories, only to meet cowboys and end up married. We could have settled for farmers in Kentucky, and saved ourselves from a long, long trip."
   "I hope you aren't seriously looking to hitch yourself to any handy man and raise a litter of children, rather than do something useful with your life," Ashley groused, staring at her sister instead of at the rumps and twitching ears of four steadily plodding mules.
   "Raising a family can be very rewarding."
   "Not as rewarding as what I have in mind," replied without thinking over the consequences of such an announcement.

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