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by Bryant Arnold



Joe MacIntosh is a psychic investigator assigned an impossible task… to track down and deal with the byproduct of the human race’s imagination. Assisted by a unique group called ‘The Council of Elders,’ Joe tackles the biggest job in his unnaturally long life.

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From The Adventures of Joe MacIntosh...

  I fear the Gatekeeper has abandoned his post. It seems evil is pushing through its cracks now, one by one. More are running than ever before. All Hell is about to break loose . . .
   Joe squinted up from the page and peered through the dirty window. The Arizona desert at dawn was red. The strange contrast of black shadows and crimson rock glowed like some surreal version of the surface of Mars. But in contrast to the lifeless surface of a planet devoid of oxygen, the desert teemed with life. Frivolous eddies of wind danced along the scrub brush as miniature tornadoes. Tumbleweeds were doing their jobs and jackrabbits bounded without care. Coyotes left their nocturnal hunting fields and headed home to their dens.
   It’s been a lot of years since this mess started. And I can’t go home... not yet. I just want my life back. ...

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