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by Ross Richdale



Rescured from her fate as a sex slave of a rebel militia group in war-torn Bosnia, Zuzana Milenkova finds herself alone in a strange new country. Now she has to come to terms with horror of the past before she can move on and create a new future...

From Affinity & Trust...

   Wiskova glowered when he heard the translation, stared at the captain, shrugged and headed towards the grandstand. When he reached the alleyway, four Italian soldiers stood aside with weapons lowered.
   He walked into the dim corridor and stopped. "What the hell!" he swore in his own language as three thin woman appeared in front of him, each armed with a military automatic pistol.
   Their faces were devoid of emotion but all three pistols were held level and aimed directly at him.
   "You will never rape or torture my friends or myself again, Captain Wiskova," Zuzana stated in an ice-cold voice.
   "You wouldn't dare," the man replied with the tone of authority still there. "You haven't the guts to…"
   "Oh no!" Kaira hissed. She squeezed the trigger.

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