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by George LoBuono


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ALIEN FRINGE is a fantastic collection of stories: a novella about contact with aliens, plus stories about backpackers who tempt death in Asia, a dark-skinned beauty in a Java massage parlor, a redwood tree planter who has mystic insights high up on a wintry mountain, tale of women's revenge, and more.

From Alien Fringe...

   "I know this sounds strange, but you know me. I have to be honest… I hear voices."
   "Oh… What kind of voices?" Daniel's eyes widen, deadpan to hide his thinking.
   "Actually, they're not really voices. I don't really hear them; I sense them in my mind."  
   If Daniel had said that to him a few years earlier, he would have thought they were in trouble as a partnership. Michael thought of various ways to tell him. Psi trails, telepathy; the paranormal. All of it non-normal to Daniel. It was sad not to relate his observations because Daniel had a good mind. He listened well, attentive to details, the sentience of being. He'd studied under good people, but he was so… reductive.

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